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Hail Help

 Are you worried about your roof?   Not Sure what to do next? The Insurance claim process can be confusing and hard to understand?     

Quality Home Can Help!!

  • Let us explain how we  take all the stress away, and save you thousands?

  • We provide a comprehensive damage inspection and consultation of all items damaged.

  • Don't settle for a cheap roof and a cheap Insurance quote! Get a top of the line roof completely paid for by your Insurance Company.

  • Don’t go though this process blind and alone, trusting that your Insurance Company will gladly pay you what they owe you.  They are in business to make a profit, and almost always pay you the least amount possible!

  • As your Contractor we will restore your home and get YOU the most out of your claim.

 Give Us a call, QUALITY HOME can help


There is NO obligation!  NO cost!


You have to Nothing to loose and Much to gain!

CALL  Jerry TODAY!     816-719-9685

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